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Theoretical lesson 3rd level. The concept of "three planes".

Be yourself – be better.
Three plans.
Three-dimensional space (also: tri-dimensional space or 3-space) is a geometric three-parameter model of the physical universe (without considering time) in which all known matter exists. These three dimensions can be labeled by a combination of three parameters from the terms widthheightdepth.
Understanding the three-dimensional space people are believed to develop as early as infancy, and is closely related to the coordination of the movements. The visual ability to perceive the world around us by the senses in three dimensions is called depth perception.

Figure 1.

Principle “three plans” in Systema Maksimtsov.
Axes and planes of human body.
To determine body position in space and organs in the human body it is necessary to draw axis and planes.
 So, there are three types of planes:
1. Horizontal plane; running parallel to the horizon line and vertically dividing  the   human body in standing position  on  top and bottom.
2. Frontal plane;   one of which runs parallel to the plane of the forehead and divides the body on front and rear parts.
3. Sagittal plane; (as if in the direction of an arrow flight; sagitta - boom) divides the body on right and left sides.
There are according axes in the human body and relatively which rotate the planes, called:
1. Vertical axis Y (see Figure 1, from top to bottom). The horizontal planes is rotated relatively to this axis. To facilitate the understanding of this plane, you can imagine a hoop rotating around the standing of the human body.
2. Frontal axis Z (from front to back).The frontal planes is rotated relatively to this axis. To facilitate the understanding of this plane, you can imagine a shield by which the ancient warrior defended himself.
3. Horizontal axis X (from right to left). The sagittal plane is rotated relatively to this axis. To facilitate the understanding of this plane you can be imagined vehicle wheel, rotating relatively the transverse axis.
 These axes used to describe the movements of the joints.

Figure 2.

As seen in Figure 2 point of intersection of these  three axes is located in the center of gravity of the human body.
It is very convenient and acceptable to consider the mass of the body as if it is concentrated in one point – in the center of gravity (CG). Since we have to analyze the forces acting on the human body during physical exercise and standing (rest), we need to know where is the CG in healthy humans   and in case of disease (scoliosis, cerebral palsy, amputation, and others).
In biomechanics it is important to study the center of gravity (CG) of the body its projection on the area of support, as well as the spatial relationship between the vector of the center of gravity and different joints. This allows us to study the possibility of locking the joints, to assess compensatory, adaptive changes in the locomotors system (locomotorium).
Consider our walking.
Functional deformation (bending) of the spine occurs during different body movements (walking, running, turning, bending).
  The most important human movement   is   walking.
While walking sagittal plane is obvious. Only after a careful observation of our walking, we can see our center of gravity move to the right and left sides on the frontal plane relatively to axis Z, see Figure 1, and in a horizontal plane relatively to the vertical axis Y.
See Figure 3. We can see that our center of gravity moves by the sagittal plane not in a straight line but by a wave movement up and down.
  During the walk, our spine takes the form of a spiral screw in one direction and then in another direction.
Figure 3 .


Figure 4.

Figure 4. During the walking our hands and feet on opposite sides of the body react like pendulums of comparable length.
When we work against our opponent one of the main goals is to throw him out of physical and psychological balance.
1. Throwing out from physical balance.
1.1. At first to throw out   body of our opponent of the horizontal plane. After that consistently we should change the planes or angle of impact on your opponent.
1.2. As soon as a resistance is felt, just change the plane of your impact.
1.3. Ideally, we are impacting simultaneously in three planes. Consciousness of opponent per unit of time can observe and react   only in one plane.
2. Throwing out from the psychological balance.
2.1. To solve any psychological problem, we should not move in only one direction of solution to any problem. Always you should start with a simple solution to the problem (horizontal plane). If a simple way not to help you - you should do a little more complicated (another planes). All time we should look for different approaches.
2.2. Upon contact with the person trying to get 3 positive responses and only then you should begin to solve the problem in order to achieve a positive result.  Relationships (+ +).
2.3. The knowledge of this principle helps to you to clearly recognize of the negative impact to you (from advertising, trickster, crooks, gigolos and etc.). Usually in these relationships, one side get (+) and the other side, where you are (-). Relationships (+ -). We should avoid these kinds of contacts.
Consider the examples of how we can improve our lives, applying the knowledge and understanding of the principle "3 planes" in our daily lives?
Consider this as an example of getting income (revenue) in the three business fields.
1. When we use the real estate for getting income.
2. When we do some business. For example  the purchase and sale of goods.
3. Conducting lessons Systema colonel Maksimtsov.
1. The use of the principle "3 planes" for income from the real estate.
Buy an apartment (on your own money or on credit money) in the right place and give it for rent. The apartment must be satisfied at least 3 criteria.
3 criteria:
1. The apartment must be in the country and in the city where the value of apartment is constantly going up, even during the crisis. This is usually a capital of developed countries or small town resorts, which are located in a very beautiful nature area.

2. The apartment must be in a location where it will be constantly in demand for rent. As a rule - it is in the center of the city, or close to universities, or large office centers with good transport interchange and possible in the pollution-free places (near the park, river or lake).
3. The apartment should be  make a profit of at least 50% after the payment of monthly loan payments.
Thereby if you give for rent your apartment for 1,000 euros per month, € 500 paid by having to pay bank loan and 500 euros to you. And of course, if the apartment is purchased at your own assets, then your income is doubled.
As we can see from the above that the main aspect in making a profit in the real estate business it’s location. McDonald earns his money mainly on the locations of their fast food restaurants, rather than selling cheeseburgers and Coca-Cola.
The benefits  you can have from such income.
1. You have a passive income and, accordingly, you have free time to do what you like.
2. You have the ability to manage such business and your income at a distance, without being tied to a location.
3. Having one or more apartments for rent you create your own personal pension fund and you do not depend from anyone.
4. If you want to increase your income you can take a new loan secured by the apartment that which you already have.
5. Being a regular and good customer of the bank, you have the opportunity to take out  credit on favourable terms.
2. The use of the principle "3 planes" for income from business.
 Do not put your all eggs in one basket (several businesses).
2.1. We don’t put all of our investment in one (large) company.
2.2. We don’t keep our money in one place or in one bank.
2.3. We don’t   trust all our welfare from one person.
2.4. If your business is buying and selling of goods, it does not focus on only one product. You should expand the assortment.
2.5. In every business you should strive to provide better services (complex). Then the client is interested in working with you. Perhaps he is not interested in your primary offer but related goods or services will be interesting.
3. Application of the principle "3 planes" to generate income from conducting lessons of  Systema colonel Maksimtsov.
3.1. The plane  №1. Lessons and seminars Systema colonel Maksimtsov.
3.1.1. Conducting lessons for large groups.
3.1.2. Conducting individual lessons.
3.1.3. Conducting short thematic seminars.
3.2. Plane №2. Production and sale of accessories and merchandise with your logo.
3.2.1. Bags, badges, pens, etc. with your logo.
3.2.2. Special clothes for your lessons.
3.2.3. Special subjects for lessons.  Training knives and guns, sticks, belts, whips, etc.
3.3. Plane №3. Production and sale of your video materials.
3.3.1. Recording thematic materials.
3.3.2. Recording virtual lessons.
3.3.3. Production of video advertising.
Homework №1
How can you increase the profitability of your business using the knowledge and understanding of the principle “3 planes”?
Write please three examples of developing of your business with using this principle. Try please don’t to repeat the examples from this lesson. Try please to find your own new ways to develop your business.
After your answer to this question, we will discuss together your ideas and you can apply it to your business and increase the profitability of your business.


Homework №2.
1. Write please three objects in nature, which move simultaneously in 3 planes.
2. Write three objects created by man, which move simultaneously in 3 planes.
Homework №3.
Determine the name of the planes of this cube shown figure 5.

Figure 5.

Homework №4.
1. What kind of a plane we should start to work on an opponent to throw  him out from  physical balance?
2. Justify your answer.
Homework №5.
Show your body movements relative to your center of gravity:
1. In the sagittal plane.
2. In horizontal plane.
3. In the frontal plane.
Record this video and put it on Youtube (closed channel) or in the other resource, so I can watch it and I can give you feedback. After that, send me the link to this video.
After your answers I'll send you next lesson.
 Do every day what you like to do.
Live where you want to live.
Communicate with the people whom you like to communicate with.
Good luck to achieving your goals.