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Every day from 8.00 to 10.00 and from 16.00 to 18.00 in Tenerife lessons with Aleksandr Maksimtsov.

In  Canary Island of "luck" Tenerife in the cozy town Los Gigantes on the shore of the warm ocean,  in  the mountains or near the pool (according to your desire and your  level of preparation)

Alexander Maksimtsov conducts trainings Systema Selfdefence Russian Martial Art and provides "magic kick" for insight and achieve your  goals.
Communicating and improving ourselves in a circle of like-minded people from all over the world. We are moving in the shortest way to your dreams.

  Your personal mentor, as well as the coach, accompanies you through life as a friend or brother. As a mentor. The practice of mentoring has deep roots in Russia from ancient time.
A single intervention of a personal mentor is like an ambulance, but any internal problem requires constant, long-term support, supervision.
 Observing the learner in dynamics allows you to select the most effective means for discovering abilities. After all, depressed talents are a disease. And with a pounce it cannot be cured.
A personal trainer or coach can contact with you once a week or daily, as you are interested. Gradually, he looks at you, penetrates into your character, and you get confidence in him. Mutual acceptance, understanding and respect, openness - this is the basis for work on the program personal tutor.

    Coaching is impossible without a coach. Coach  is a master who owns modern techniques that enable him to use his potential, his resources, both obvious and hidden.
A coach is a spiritual mentor and in some ways a best friend. The coach must understand us, see our deep-seated, understand our problems and find ways to solve them.
We can say that the effectiveness of the whole coaching largely depends on the coach and his level of professionalism. Of course, much depends from the follower ( student) himself, since if there is no desire to change, even the best coach is powerless.

 The cost of trainings depends from the number of hours.

From 1 hour to 2 hours - 100 euros an hour.
From 3 hours to 4 hours - 90 euros an hour.
From 5 hours to 6 hours - 80 euros an hour.
From 7 hour to 8 hours - 70 euros an hour.
From 9 hour to 10 hours - 60 euros an hour.
From 11 hour to 12 hours - 55 euros an hour.
From 13 hour to 20 hours - 50 euros an hour.
From 21 hour to 30 hours - 45 euros an hour.
From 31 hour to 40 hours - 40 euros an hour.
From 41 hour to 50 hours - 35 euros an hour.
From 51 hour to 60 hours - 25 euros an hour.
From 61 hour and more - 20 euros an hour.

 You can  take  100 hours  and more with the lowest price (20 euros an hour).
You can do it for 2-3  times arrivings  in Tenerife or in any other places where I'll conduct the trainings.

If you have invested in your  online education Systema  Maksimtsov  all 6 levels then the cost of 1 hour  of any other lessons  for you is only 20 euros.
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Skype:  frbiuk
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