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What can you present for dear man or friends?

Again, Holiday come again. The day of St.Valentine.
 And as always, gifts to your dear and beloved people, colleagues, friends, relatives, you invest love, respect, your dreams and hopes. Your kind wishes and reminder of the value and importance of these people for you.
And often, on the eve of the holidays, you are thoughtfully looking through the options for gifts. You can't decide in any way, buy another unnecessary sweet trinket or necessary-useful-practical?
We, for example, have long been determined that the most valuable thing for a person is his HEALTH! After all, when a person is full of health, force, energy, then everything is possible for him.
We suggest that you follow our way.
Give them HEALTH !!!!!
Yes, you were not mistaken.
We all understand the importance of HEALTH, especially when it go away from  us in a very unexpected moment !!! Physical and psychological health can and should be maintained!
It is not necessary to theorize a lot and convince no one that physical exercise is useful! They increase vitality and immunity, the body's resistance to external influences and stress, with it  your  youthfulness is prolonged. In the end, a person who systematically, physically correctly loads himself, is less prone to negative mood, depression and other psychological "ailments".
We all understand this, but not many can voluntarily abandon the habitually vicious circle.  Bad habits like sedentary lifestyle,  whether sitting at the TV and computer, or eating fast food, eating at night and so on, quickly take possession of us. We so "let them in", that they sometimes become our second nature, and we don't notice how we destroy ourselves from the inside. Alas.
We can see it from the outside, right? So sometimes you see that someone who is not indifferent to you has to correct something in the way of life.
So let's direct our good intentions, directed to our dear people in a positive direction!
Give them the opportunity to see another way of life, complete victory over oneself (both physically and psychologically), because they deserve it! Worthy to be beautiful, strong, confident in any situation!
Give them health, well-being and faith in themself!
With us, you and your relatives, friends,  colleagues CAN:
 - re-acquainted with your body and its potential;
- to learn to be liberated, to self-diagnose own problems, both physical and psychological, to understand and eliminate them;
-  one of our basic principles says that we should leave the training more healthy and joyful than before;
Present as a gift to your DEAR PEOPLE the opportunity to start a NEW PAGE in a book called "LIFE"!
We offer to give them ONLINE - LESSON or ONLINE - Full COURSE  of the Alexander Maksimtsov System. You can choose a specific lesson from the Online Learning Program or a specific material from our program both in Russian,
 and in English tests-0.
In Kiev, you can buy a GIFT CERTIFICATE for ONE LESSON, and a MONTHLY LESSONS or more, for attending classes for dear people, whose quality of LIFE and whose HEALTH you care about!
For the purchase of GIFT CERTIFICATES you can contact by e-mail:
Also for the Certificate for Online Training of the Maksimtsov's System by phone: +34 67 44 85 688, +34 603 577 101;
  Сertificate and Lessons of Maksimtsov's System in Kiev on the phone: +38 067 500 26 46