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Alexander Maksimtsov, Tenerife Spain

President of Federation  Russian Martial Art (founded in 1993), a retired colonel of the Interior Ministry. 
Alexander Maksimtsov is the creator of the authoring system of combat, physical training and rehabilitation after injuries and wounds, optimal for office worker and an employee of a special unit of Police, Security service, bodyguards.

Systema Colonel  Maksimtsov based on years of experience serving in the Police and in the  security agencies (24 years) and teaching work (12 years in the National Police Academy in the department of special and physical education).
     After finishing his sports career had huge health problems ( spine, knees, elbows). During his studies and after graduating from the National University of Physical Education and Sport (Department of Rehabilitation after sports injuries) in 2001, he has developed its own program for the restoration of the joints and spine from injury, based on simple everyday natural human movements. Initially fully regained his spine and joints. Later, during the last 16 years he has helped bring back good physical shape and health joy many of his disciples and followers in many countries.
 Doing  consciously (by certain principles) everyday movements (such as walking, lifting and descent of the stairs, landing on and getting up from a chair or couch, lifting fallen objects, etc.), every person can recover their joints and spine, as well as prepare them for extreme loads during an accidental fall, accident, physical assault. Knowledge, understanding and use of simple laws of nature (law of gravity, laws of motion, leverage, etc.) allow each person not only repel any attack, but also significantly improve the quality of life, make them more calm, awareness and effective.
Alexander Maksimtsov's short biography in  martial arts:
Freestyle wrestling - 2 years. From 6 to 8 years.
Boxing - 2 years. From 8 to 10 years.
Sambo - 1 year. 10-11.
Ice Hockey - 2 years. 11-13.
Karate (Shotokan, Jyoshinmon, Kyoko shin kai ) - 6 years. 13-19.
Full Contact Karate - 3 years. 19-21.
Kick-boxing and simultaneously close fight (school MIA) - 5 years. 21-26 years.
System Kadochnikov - 10 years. 26 - 36 years.
    During the last 19 years he develops its own System Colonel Maksimtsov and he has helped bring back good physical shape and health joy many of his disciples and followers in many countries.
    Colonel Maksimtsov created the most  effective online training program  look here: 
  with constant feedback, which allows each student to receive clear effective answers to his questions and clear recommendations for achieving the maximum result. 

                        The larger  target -  the harder it is to miss.                        
 Alexander   Maksimtsov