How to prepare for masters?

It is possible to prepare for students at universities. Masters - only in Workshops. For all history of humanity on the present of one system of training has justified only: direct training of the pupil at the Master.

The pupil comes to the master. If it has attracted to the master, it can remain near to it. And if is not present, means to this pupil at this master it is not necessary to study really.

Now the master works, the pupil studies in it to help. Costs on intercepting, runs where it is necessary. Because if it will not run - it is necessary to go to the master. And training already goes; the pupil gets used to an operating mode of the master. It is important, in fact the operating mode of the master is the integral element of his general technology.

Then the pupil already helps the master. And places, let with gleams, already take part: I can so too.

Later the master includes the pupil - already apprentice - in work. There is a practice - clever practice. And as to the theory...

The future master will master all necessary books without any control from the outside. They will be necessary for it not for passing an examination, but to make good that it needs to make necessary, and consequently it will read.

In this case all necessary will keep within in a head, will find a place in soul and remain in hands.

And soon the pupil becomes the Master.

But between us...

Pardon, but personally to you I recommend to act in university. The matter is that you are lazy, and consequently without a stick, independently, you will not be engaged. To be pupil it needs the self-discipline that is natural at you is not observed.

If, certainly, the master will be so careful, that will be necessarily, i.e. is regular, to you a stick to apply, - another - and to you has carried business exclusively. But to be so spread and burden itself not each Master agrees, therefore to hope for it - ridiculously.

The university as a place of compulsory intellectual works, all conditions necessary for you. There you'll forget how to think, but though any expert, i.e. the expert arranging the state - will become. Yes, and the diploma of the state sample will receive, it's useful, because at the beginning helps to intimidate the one who respects them.

Therefore - up to a meeting on faculty.