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Why is the Russian Martial Art can be the base for all persons who is training by the other systems of hand-to hand combat?

There are many forms of self-defense available to anyone seeking methods of protecting themselves. With such a myriad number of accessible styles, one is left with many choices in deciding what to study. What style fits their physical makeup and physiology? What style will fit the manner in which thеу best learn? How long will it take to lеarn thе particular style, and more important, how long will it be before thеу can usе thе style if they need to? With all of these questions, along with a host of others, making an objective decision on what to study and actually studying the style is a tedious process.

The Russian Martial Art is perhaps the most well known section of combat fighting and survival. Within the RMA are other styles based within thе scientific knowledge and method of application. There is a style of health maintenance, combat shooting, physical relaxation methods, etc.

But, what of the beginner...the person who has never taken a self-defense class and wants to learn? With a simple knowledge and applying the science with a self-defense mindset, one can learn to defend them self. A beginner does not need a master teacher to read about the vulnerable points of the body, or how to make a person fall down. All a beginner needs to learn basic self-defense is the mindset to do so, and the drive to do a bit of scientific knowledge. The RMA was designed so that a person can achieve mastery in their own mind, without belts or awards to prove skill level. When a person feels comfortable with his or her own skill level and knowledge, they become free from fear, and thus have achieved a personal level of mastery. For a student learning the RMA, their own movement and a scientific knowledge provide enough material for a lifetime of study. As a scientific method, the RMA is particular in many ways in its education. Since a student applies knowledge as seen fit, the RMA allows not only great autonomy in learning and use, but also in instruction. Wherever one sees themselves as deficient in their martial art studies, a science knowledge and practical physical example can assist in looking at the very details of why the human body moves, thinks, acts as it does...and how to take advantage of all three. The RMA is designed to hand the keys of mastery to a student and it was created to give universal knowledge that governs the world around us to a student, and give that student the means to simply use this knowledge as thеу feel to overcome obstacles.

Science is universal and applicable to all methods of the RMA is based in science it to be universal in its application, but particular in its method of employment. Students should be able to walk away with not only scientific knowledge, but more importantly, practical knowledge...just apply some of the principles with a partner, and the difference will be seen.