The most important question in a person's life...

I will ask you a very important question that we always need to ask yourself;
-   when we are just starting to do something;
-   when we are doing it now;
-   or have been doing this for a long time.
And this question sounds rather briefly: “ What for?”
If we decipher this question more broadly from the perspective of Systema Colonel Maksimtsov , it will sound something like this: 
1. How will my life ( life of my loved ones)  change for the better if I do it?
2. Will my survival skills, my safety, and my level of awareness increase if I do this?
3. Will my health   physical and psychological ( health  of my loved ones) improve if I do it or if I finish doing it?

And if these answers sounds negative, then according to all the laws  of life (I hope you know what it is), this is not necessary to do. 
 Especially, as the current situation in our World shows.

You can be super famous, super successful and even super smart, and you spent a tremendous amount of energy, force, time, finances to achieve these goals.  
But it may not have any meaning for your Happy life.
Just the present situation clearly shows that all-unnecessary, uneffective, unproductive,  created on artificial hype  - all these   simply disappears as unnecessary.
This must be remembered all the time.