Interesting question from an online student:

If I do an schedule of what to do everyday, it won't happen that it will become a routine and finally I will do it withouth awareness? I mean, now, everything is new, and challenging, to use the left hand to do some things that I usually do with the right hand, for example. So now I need my focus to do those things, but in some time, when it becomes automatic, I won't need much awareness?

You think very effectively and your questions are already like of  good specialist.
Well done!
Usually people ask "childish questions" like when will I become the strongest, smartest and most beautiful?
Yes, indeed, as soon as the left hand becomes no worse than the right, it will become a routine and you need to do more complex things, for example, when both hemispheres of the brain are involved at the same time.
If you want to become a Master, then this process is constantly moving upward.
As soon as you decided that you have already achieved everything and stopped, a very fast path of degradation immediately begins.
To be continued...