Feedback for an online student on homework on the topic: releasing from gripping hands from above.

Given the fact that this is a girl (probably your wife), it is very difficult for her to endure pain and generally resist. Therefore, she  falls even when it does not want to fall at all. She just obeys you. Unfortunately, this is what most partners and males do. They are too tolerant and afraid to offend a partner. As a result, it is an illusion of combat, not a martial art.
Therefore, all your mistakes, and there are many of them here, practically do not affect the result in any way. Your parner falls with it. In reality, this will not happen.
But there is good news.
You can prepare a good partner. A good partner is an honest partner. He (she) doesn't fall if he doesn't want to fall. And he does not resist much if he really feels pain and goes with the direction of pain. Therefore, a woman can also be a partner, but she needs to be prepared. You also need to teach her to fall correctly.

Concerning homework on release from captures for hands from above.
Let's split this homework.
1. "Release and escape"  you did  perfect.
2. "Release and strike".
Here you need to use the effect of "spring".
Any spring when compressed or extended almost perfectly conserves the energy applied to it.
To do this, you need to completely relax the hand that the opponent is holding. And then, at the point of capture, degrees of freedom appear and the arm can rotate freely.
To feel this, for this, the partner must hold strongly. After you feel this effect, and in order to avoid injury, invite your partner to keep at half strength.
If your girlfriend can't hold strong with one hand, then offer her to do it with both hands. Then the strength will increase and you will feel the effective direction of rotation of your relaxed hand and the release from the grip with a blow to the head (in our case for safety with a blow to the partner's palm).
I'm waiting for the video only "Release and strike."