Systema personal mentor or coach.

Personal mentor is a Russian-speaking analogue of the word coach.
Your personal mentor, as well as the coach, accompanies you through life as a friend or brother. As a mentor. The practice of mentoring has deep roots in Russia from ancient time.
A single intervention of a personal mentor is like an ambulance, but any internal problem requires constant, long-term support, supervision.
 Observing the learner in dynamics allows you to select the most effective means for discovering abilities. After all, depressed talents are a disease. And with a pounce it cannot be cured.

        My colleague and friend, a personal trainer for children's chess from Moscow, told how one of his students started to learn chess in 4 years. The girl showed considerable abilities, but she did not know how to lose. After losing, she turned over the board, covered with red spots and spoke evil words, calling the teacher a bald fool. It took years of effort, so that by the age of 10, the girl, with the help of her personal mentor, had learned to control herself, namely: she had learned to lose with dignity! The mentor, with his endless patience and love, could inspire the student that losing - does not mean to be weak or bad; And that to win constantly, always - means to lose the excitement for the game and any interest.

A personal trainer or coach can contact with you once a week or daily, as you are interested. Gradually, he looks at you, penetrates into your character, and you get confidence in him. Mutual acceptance, understanding and respect, openness - this is the basis for work on the program personal tutor.

    Coaching is impossible without a coach. Coach  is a master who owns modern techniques that enable him to use his potential, his resources, both obvious and hidden.
A coach is a spiritual mentor and in some ways a best friend. The coach must understand us, see our deep-seated, understand our problems and find ways to solve them.
We can say that the effectiveness of the whole coaching largely depends on the coach and his level of professionalism. Of course, much depends on the client himself, since if there is no desire to change, even the best coach is powerless.
Who is the real coach?
First, a professional coach must be able to establish contact with each person.
Secondly, he can transform human fears into opportunities.
Thirdly, the coach himself must have a successful life position, have professional achievements.
Now there are a lot of people who say, "I'm a coach." But not all of them are like that. The choice of a coach must be taken very responsibly. The most important thing is to "feel", relying on intuition, whether it's your person.
Many rich people admitted on the pages of Forbes that for a long time they had personal mentors who accompanied them for years and decades. It is very important, when your problems, and also the negative, too, you spit out not on employees, friends or family, but their sorting is occupied by the coach.
The coach allows you to feel more or less rested.
In addition, the coach creates a psychological rear to his pupil. The pupil has the opportunity to ask for advice, share experiences, and sometimes trite to feel weak, at least for a little while.
This is what many modern people, especially entrepreneurs, managers, and businessmen lack. Stress and constant stress lead to smoking, alcoholism, stomach ulcers, heart attacks, strokes, asthma and allergic skin rashes. These are the so-called psychosomatic consequences of constant stress and a high degree of responsibility. Let everyone do their own thing. You are yours, and your  coach is his.
In a sense, the word coach is a cleaner for the soul. And from his actions there is purity in the mind, in understanding himself and his actions.
   Systema personal mentor                                                    Alexander Maksimtsov