Feedback to the online student about the 3rd law of survival.

Thanks for your replies.
I respect your point of view on this:
I would say the law of survival in searching is to act. As by putting the suspect in an position that he cannot resist or escape and then conducting a thorough search to make sure he has no weapons or drugs etc. This is an act and a tactic to keep yourself and others safe.

There are 2 options to consider here.
Option 1. You put on handcuffs or tie up when your opponent does not resist. You foresee that some resistance is possible. In this case, it would be the 1st law of survival "foresee".

Option 2. You perform special actions on an opponent who is resisting. You must:
1. either place him face down on the ground (this is the safest option);
2.  or hold him in another position;
3.  or deliver a shocking blow, after which the opponent cannot resist.
In this case, of course it would be the 3rd law of survival "action".