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An excerpt from correspondence with an online student about improving the quality of one's own life using Systema Maksimtsov

Thanks for the comment.
  I'm glad that you apply these principles. It remains only to do it consciously. That is, in this case (in the studying  of the Systema) you really apply all the principles of movement perfectly. I think there are several factors  contribute to this.
You feel that this Systema helps you to improve the quality of your life.
You see positive results.
You like doing it.
You paid a certain amount of tuition. And you will naturally  spare these money (overpay ) if you stop practicing. And the smaller the amount that the student paid, the more likely it is that he will follow a simpler and less effective way. And often people generally "spit on their lives" and follow the way of complete degradation: alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, sex addiction, addiction to extreme sports (fast driving on a motorcycle, car, mountain descents on a bicycle, parachute, hang-gliding), etc. Sooner or little later, a person becomes disabled or simply dies. At the same time, he brings pain and suffering to all his close people and no one needs his life, including himself.
And only when a person is clearly aware of this degrading way, and as a rule this happens after very serious consequences (severe injuries, loss of health, loved ones), he has a small percentage of the probability of returning to a full life. But it is so hard. Practice shows that no more than 5% of people return to normal life.

But if a person really wants to become a happy person, that is
1. be healthy and energetic;
2. do in life what he wants to do;
3. live where he wants to live;
4. communicate with those people with whom he really wants to communicate;
then even these 5% is already a good chance. 
 Most people don't even dream about the above. For them, this is completely unattainable.