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Feedback to the online student; Release from the grip of the neck in front.

Thank you for the video.
It would be perfect if your partner acted closer to reality. And since you did not teach him, then all this work is just an illusion.
1. Notice that at first  you learned how to attack. And in your video you did it perfectly.
This is how your partner should attack to you.
In your video he (partner )  just put his hands on your shoulders. Is this how they really attack? In this case, all such learning is an illusion (self-deception).

2. Your partner should not roll over from his back to his stomach on one's own. This you have to roll over him  with leverages and pain effect for complete control of the opponent.

3. All your partner's attacks must be real. But they should differ only in speed, that is, he should attack strongly, but slowly. This is necessary for your overall safety and the creation of muscle memory (an efficient movement algorithm).
You, in turn, must also move at the speed of your partner, neither faster nor slower.

It is very important to synchronize the speeds of the attacker and the defender.
As your professional level rises, you will increase the speed.

Looking forward to the video with that said.