“The sphere of total focus”.


Research, and most importantly, internal sensations and life experience, shows that it is in the morning that we are most focused, we have the most energy and willpower.
What do unsuccessful people  in the morning?
Immediately after waking up,  they check social networks right in bed;
read mail; chat on the phone; exchange gossip, etc.
To use the "power of the morning", I propose to act according to the "60/60/1" rule;
 spend the first 60 minutes of your morning time over the next 60 days, working on one important problem.
This may be a health problem, the restoration or improvement of motor skills, or the development of a new effective movement that will help you make the most  perfect of  physical and psychological state.
Let's look at one principle today. It is called a “mirror neural system”.
This system appeared with us when we still lived in the caves of the tribes.
The mirror neural system gave us the opportunity to simulate the behaviour of leaders and learn more quickly about survival techniques.
For example, if someone invented a tool or a fire, or a better way of survival, others saw this and could quickly model to get the same result.
So right now, at this moment - think about who you spend most of your time with. If you spend time among the “victims”, you will also behave like a “victim”.
If you are in the midst of mediocre performers, then you will subconsciously behave like them.
And the easiest way to improve your results is to surround yourself with those people who are already at the level that you are still dreaming of.
And if you want to be a very productive (effective) person, then surround yourself with superproductive (supereffective) people.
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And choose the course that you need.
Over the next 60 days, you will be able to create a powerful breakthrough in the direction that is important to you during this period of your life only  1 hour per day of your life.
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