Phrases and quotes

  • There is no truth without lie, there is no light without darkness, there is no life without death.
  • Do not harm to anothers, and you will not do much harm to yourselves!
  • When you are fighting - you should fight, but when you are drinking tea, you should drink tea and do not think about anything other.
  • Everything that occurs in our life, at first occurs in our head.
  • Any event is simply event, and to betray to it the positive or negative meaning is only your choice.
  • There are no problems - there are tasks. There are no insults - there is an information. There are no victories and defeats - there is a feedback.
  • " It is impossible to help poor, being poor itself ". I have found out, that is unable to make happy others until I shall do happy myself.
  • It actual , it is impossible to expel from Paradise of the man who has opened Paradise in.
  • The one is clever who understands others, but shine by light of wisdom only the one who understands itself.
  • Winning in force - inevitably lose in speed. Than you more to want to make in your life - that the greater evil will come back of each good affairs , accomplished by you.
  • If a person to deprive of sensations - he will very quickly leave from mind and quickly will die in dissonance of all functions of organism.
  • Variation on a theme: " the Man can everything, that he wants, if he is able strongly to want ". A healthy life and extreme situation, which it is necessary to win - that cancer can destroy but not by "miracle" , there are not miracles - it is exclusively through rise energetic.
  • Almost all human desires are superfluous, excessive over physically necessary, conditional, social: without damage for comfortable only physical existence it would be possible to refuse them.
  • East wisdom says: where an idea - there energy, where energy - there blood. And at the same time the wise men ask: "Are all ideaes in your head your"?
  • Subjectively life of the man is the sum of sensations.
  • The man can want to understand - so he is arranged, is created. Therefore if someone is engaged in understanding - he is engaged in the most important business in life.
  • You can find out about the man much more, having played with them ÷àñîê, than having spoken the whole year
  • The minimal vital experience, elementary common sense, logic and bases of scientific knowledge suffices for understanding of " Kadochnicov's System ".
  • The people are similar to window glasses. They sparkle and shine, when the sun is shining, but, when âîöàðÿåòñÿ darkness, their true beauty opens only then, when there is light going from within...
  • You should remember, that joyful mood are heavens, and depression - present hell.