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Phrases and quotes

  • If you will hurry up strongly, will get not in time and not there.
  • Horseman without a head in itself is not terrible. It is terrible, when he lead in the herd .
  • It is a little necessary for the man to feel happy, and much more to not feel unfortunate.
  • The majority of the people are happy so, as far as they have decided to be happy.
  • The most sluggish man who is not lose sight of the purpose, nevertheless is quicker than the one who wanders without the purpose.
  • Many things to us are not clear not because our concepts are weak, but therefore that these things do not enter into a circle of our concepts.
  • God does not have other hands, only yours!
  • It is always difficult to accept the simple decisions of difficult problems.
  • Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.
  • The best inheritance, which is possible to leave to the child, it - ability to lay to itself a way on own legs.
  • As it is little necessary to the man to feel happy, and as it is a lot of necessary to not feel unfortunate.
  • The one who does not bring up itself, is similar donkey, which goes there, where him whip up.
  • The clever man will find an exit from any difficult situation. Wise man will not appear in this situation.
  • We maintain stability by moving with force applied to our body; therefore compensating and adjusting an applied force to work against the one applying that force.
  • The aim is to move the center of gravity as close to outside of boundaries for the opponent to fall by moving side-side, forward-back, up-down, or combine all thrее.
  • Sport style fighting is defined by large movement and more contact; combat style fighting is defined by small movements and less contact.
  • Do not subscribe to dogma or thе "way you should be" just be efficient in your work, and do as you need to do to accomplish thе task at hand. If it works, if it kills; it doesn't have to be showy.
  • Be mindful of the center of gravity. The wider the stance, thе greater the stability. Stability does not oссur in moving forward and back, or side to side, or up and down, but in moving through all of them.
  • Knowledge is not power... knowledge with experience is power because it is then applicable knowledge. You should never repeat the same mistake in combat, because you should have learned the first time why it was a mistake.
  • When you are in contact, you create a couple and joint mass. Use your hips to move your enemy's hips, your arm to move the enemy's arm. Use your movement to dictate another's movement and never let them dictate yours.