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Phrases and quotes

  • To teach for another it is impossible - he should learn all independently, in operation, not listening, but working.
  • The body is not sick separately and irrespective of soul.
  • Physical activity - most important thing, which helps the man to save youth
  • If you are afraid - don't do; if you are doing - be not afraid.
  • Be not afraid of the man, do not wish to him troubles, and you most likely will have many friends.
  • Some people achieve success, if someone stands behind their back and inspires, and others achieve same contrary to all! Make the choice.
  • Where the idea dominates, there there will be also force.
  • Do not allow trifles to break you.
  • The best compensation for made is an ability to make better
  • Never lose patiences. It is last key, which opens all doors.
  • Criticize itself. The best criticism you will not find.
  • Nobody is defeated, until he has not recognized itself defeated.
  • While there's life there's hope
  • In my life, I have found there are two things about which I should never worry. First, I shouldn't worry about the things I can't change. If I can't change them, worry is certainly most foolish and useless. Second, I shouldn't worry about the things I can change. If I can change them, then taking action will accomplish far more then wasting my energies in worry.
  • The tree with strong roots will sustain any storm, but these roots grow not in a storm, but in a silent weather.
  • The passing over hatred has is an internal disarmament.
  • Only struggle, process of the resolution of conflict with an enemy - by means of training, study, search of alternative ways, provides spiritual growth.
  • Our future depends on the present and is in our hands. It is created by the initiative, which we show in the present.
  • The happiness in life is a truthfulness, sincerity and honesty in the attitudes between the people.
  • The temperance in meal and drinking provides a clear head and speed of understanding.