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Phrases and quotes

  • To be considered with Life and to prove to her, that she is unfair - strategy of the losers.
  • If you do anything, so it is necessary to you.
  • What is the strong person ? The man able to concentrate the sincere forces and to influence by them on the people
  • The main reason of animosities between the people - envy
  • The richer that man, whose pleasures require least money
  • Justice is that favourably for strong
  • Everyone should be able to submit, without humbled
  • The kind man after misfortune becomes kinder, villain more meanly. A woe does not change the people in bases, it only shows it.
  • The feelings shake up our spirit more, than word.
  • If you want the world, - prepare for war. If you want happiness, - not escape from woe. There are no such runners, which would escape from woe.
  • Always listen to yourself.
  • Who is wise? Who studies something from all people Who is strong? - Who takes itself bridle. Who is rich? - Who is contented with his fate .
  • The wise man does not do revenge. He thinks and subdues himself with inevitable. The violence gives only violence.
  • If a fate presents you the test, gives forces, to overcome him. It is necessary to think about good. In that we trust, we get!
  • Foresight, based on solid knowledge and special sensitivity, developed in the training, will make it possible to always be in thе right place at the right time, even when it appears you are not.
  • The present battle art consists in achievement not only technical skills, but also heights of spirit.
  • There is an old saying: " I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand ".
  • The universe is the perfect mechanism of a feedback. That we think, we receive.
  • Percent of your income, which you put in yourselves, is reflection, as far as you appreciate yourselves.
  • Do not allow a reality to press on your ideas.