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Falling, Rolling and Somersaulting Techniques
Falling, Rolling and Somersaulting Techniques
A knowledge of how to fall without injury is essential, especially when one considers how slippery our streets can be. Yet in many cases, the mere knowledge of how to roll correctly on the ground can turn the strength of an opponent's throw into an effective weapon against him. Therefore, a fall may be classified according to the goal it accomplishes. read...
How to prepare for masters?
How to prepare for masters?
It is possible to prepare for students at universities. Masters - only in Workshops. For all history of humanity on the present of one system of training has justified only: direct training of the pupil at the Master. The pupil comes to the master. If it has attracted to the master, it can remain near to it. And if is not present, means to this pupil at this master it is not necessary to study really. read...
Why is the Russian Martial Art can be the base for all persons who is training by the other systems of hand-to hand combat?
There are many forms of self-defense available to anyone seeking methods of protecting themselves. With such a myriad number of accessible styles, one is left with many choices in deciding what to study. What style fits their physical makeup and physiology? What style will fit the manner in which thеу best learn? How long will it take to lеarn thе particular style, and more important, how long will it be before thеу can usе thе style if they need to? read...
Basic Information of Exercise Science Systema Maksimtsov
Exercise of Maksimtsov's System is broken down for specific uses and purposes. A chain has three dements...two elements and a link to connect them. The human body has three parts: "Mental", "Physical", "Spiritual". read...
Let's try to consider martial arts from the point of view of the usual person
Let's try to consider martial arts from the point of view of the usual person. It receives the information on martial arts basically of two sources: cinema and sports. About cinema I shall tell at once: an overall objective of screen fights - spectacular and showiness (to not confuse to efficiency) and consequently that we see on the screen, is far from a real life. In a life all not so beautifully and effectively. read...